Why Buy Local?

Be Part of the solution…

Local businesses not only pay their employees, they also spend money at other local businesses.
That means by buying local, you help create jobs for your friends and neighbors, contribute to
improved public infrastructure, and invest in your community both socially and economically.

The Locals Loyalty Club was born out of a desire to help our local small businesses not only survive, but thrive! We are actively building a network of local businesses, in select towns and offer a program that encourages our community to buy local. We’ve invested in the development of tools and technology that can give independent small businesses an edge over major chains.

We are confident that our local community wants to help but often does not know how. We have all heard stories in the news of a town that has rallied around a local business to keep it open. We want shopping locally to be the first thought and not a last resort or one-time feel-good moment. That is why we have a two-pronged approach that is based on supporting local businesses who support each other! Join us today and we can all make a difference!

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